Friday, August 22, 2014

How-Do Partners in Crime?

This is a blog about ocean science for Okies. I'm an Okie, you're an Okie. Let's get together and Hokie-Pokie. I didn't know much about the oceans before I started a PhD in marine biology. My mind was blown when I first sat down in an oceanography class. I'm hoping through this blog that I can do the same for you. The oceans are important, not just to people who live on the coast, but to my friends and family in the Sooner State as well. This blog is designed to be a dialogue. I am just as excited about hearing your questions and concerns about science, the oceans, biology, evolution, climate change etc., as I am about taking you on a guided tour of the world's oceans. In addition, I hope you find some humor and some useful knowledge - if nothing else to impress your friends with your worldly ways.